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The Game needs more chaos!

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I have been playing this game for quite a long time now, and I have made a lot of mods for it. I can very much say I really love this game, but for everything I appreciate in it, I can also say what I feel like its missing from it. When I start a new colony, I already knows exactly what I need to do to archive something, I have the best way and methods to do it; this is so much true for the entire game play, from the beginning to the end. This is so because the game don't have any form of unpredictability, aside the duplicants stupidity sometimes. It lack local or global events that challenge your colony in short or long run. When this sort of game has unpredictability events, you have to either quickly adapt to it, or prepare for it beforehand, with risks that it may even not be enough.

What I mean is that the game lacks treats to your colony, be it diseases (which are pretty much not a real thing to be weary of atm) or external world treats. The game lacks danger from events that come outside the player control, at any time, that can make your colony a true nightmare. Please Klei, add a pinch of chaos to this game!

My ideas:

  • Radiation Storms: huge waves of radiation that could kill everything not protected from it.
  • Solar Storms: solar storms would fry your base electronics if they are activated during this time.
  • Random Meteor Seasons: many times of meteors that could happen in your asteroid.
  • Radioactive Mass: a fallen comet lands a big radioactive mass on your base, making it a hell hole until you remove it.
  • Eldritch Abomination Hellspawn: a massive creature that appears outside your base in the space, and literaly eats anyone outside, and make havoc of your space buildings. Lovecraft style!
  • Asteroid Quake: this would damage your buildings and require a lots of repairs around your base.
  • Botton Magma Surge: this would make a massive magma eruption in the botton of the asteroid. Could add some radiactive contaminated magma too, just to spice it a bit.
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