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What is making Lush Season windy?

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The porkland prefab adds the worldwind component, but when you check the worldwind component's OnUpdate function, it checks whether or not there is hurricane wind before actually spawning winds - and hamlet does not have hurricane winds. So how does Hamlet's lush season spawn winds?

function WorldWind:OnUpdate(dt)
	if not self.inst then 

	self.timeToWindChange = self.timeToWindChange - dt

	if self.timeToWindChange <= 0 then
		self.angle = math.random(0,360)
		self.inst:PushEvent("windchange", {angle=self.angle, velocity=self.velocity})

		self.timeToWindChange = math.random(MIN_TIME_TO_WIND_CHANGE, MAX_TIME_TO_WIND_CHANGE)

	local sm = GetSeasonManager()
	local windspeed = sm:GetHurricaneWindSpeed()
	if windspeed > 0.01 and (sm:IsHurricaneStorm() or (sm.IsWindy and sm:IsWindy()) ) then
		self.windfx_spawn_rate = self.windfx_spawn_rate + self.windfx_spawn_pre_sec * dt
		--print(string.format("wind %f, %4.2f, %4.f", sm:GetHurricaneWindSpeed(), self.windfx_spawn_rate, self:GetWindAngle()))
		if self.windfx_spawn_rate > 1.0 then
			local px, py, pz = GetPlayer().Transform:GetWorldPosition()
			local dx, dz = 16 * UnitRand(), 16 * UnitRand()
			local x, y, z = px + dx, py, pz + dz
			local angle = self:GetWindAngle()

			self:SpawnWindSwirl(x, y, z, windspeed, angle)
			self.windfx_spawn_rate = self.windfx_spawn_rate - 1.0


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