Changes to Rare Blueprints

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Boss blueprints should, when learned, allow everyone who helped with the fight / was in the server to learn the recipe. 

A bit of a strong ask, and I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on it, but as I see it, there are mostly 3 different ways people play the game - Solo, where this wouldn't apply, In a group of friends, where everyone is generally well coordinated, and the person who knows the blueprint is able to share with others until the boss cooldown resets, and public servers, which could pose a problem, but usually public servers either do not ever end up fighting these bosses, or the game would not last for long enough to make a large impact.

The main blueprint I'm talking about is bundling wrap, which generally needs to be ready to unwrap and then make again on demand. Really all of the boss loot I believe should be learned by everyone because of the cooldown that these bosses have.

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