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Suggestion: Wormhole like mysterious tunnel which can teleport your boat On the Sea?

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I wonder wouldn't it be great if we can have a wormhole like tunnel that teleport your boat to a different location on the sea?

Maybe there will be 3 pairs of them? That'd be 6  in total.

Maybe they look like portals, not some black hole lie horizontally on the water surface. but some circle shaped portal made of cloud? or like rainbow? or light ring? I don't know, maybe they only appear during raining or snowing? They stand vertically on the water surface. or maybe some of them are always there, but some of them are special only got a chance to appear during raining or snowing , and it will spawn near player's boat, the special one always leads you to Waterlogged biome? others may lead you to some random locations on the sea.

There will be some fog blurring the view upon entering, then screen will turn into black, after the fog faded away, we will find ourselves in a different location.

I did a little bit of search.


This is not exactly what I had in mind, rainbow in the real world is a bit wide for a small boat, but kinda look like this on the surface of the sea. with some tweak and design of course.

Just a little thought btw. don't mind if it doesn't make any sense.

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