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Starting Modding.

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"Don't Starve Mod Tools" is on steam.

In the top left corner of the steam library, there's a dropdown that says "Games". Click it and select "Tools". Then in you're library, you should be able find "Don't Starve Mod Tools" and install it. (Note: some of the tools are only available on windows)

There's a few other community made tools that you'll probably want as well.

  • ktools
    • This contains ktech and krane. ktech is for creating "tex" images. krane is for decompiling animations files.
  • handsome matts tools
    • This contains TEXTool and TEXCreator. TEXTool is useful for viewing existing "tex" images. TEXCreator can be used to create them.
  • stexatlaser
    • This contains stex which is used to create ".tex" images files and a corresponding atlas file.
  • texture and atlas packer
    • This is an alternative to stexatlaser

You'll notice that a lot of these tools are for making "tex" images. Of all of these, I'd personally recommend stex.

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