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Spaced Out "yellow" research should be changed to "green" color code instead

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Feedback/Suggestion on the color coding of the Material Sciences Research.


Currently the Yellow Research (radiation research points)  color code doesn't really match up with the radiation theme.

Almost all the radiation buildings have some sort of 'green' color scheme.  And the radiation itself has a green shade on the overlay.  Why choose "yellow" as the research color code when it makes more sense intuitively to use "Green" as the research color.  Plus the  yellow and orange are too similar.



While we are on the topic of color codes that make sense:



The Advanced Research color code should be BLUE  - because it uses WATER.

And the basic one should be brown - since it uses DIRT.

The Orbital Research should be purple because the space map shows  a purple orbit ring.   Either that or change the orbit ring on the space map to be orange.


These color codes would make more sense  with the colors of things used to get the research points.


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