Crafting recipe consistency

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Electrical Doodad is a single item with just one art asset and yet the base single player version of Don't Starve still for no reason whatsoever does not have it nor use it for buildings or items it has in common with every single other DLC of the game. You had to create a pointless workaround for Wagstaff's crafting recipes that required a Pretty Parasol and Electrical Doodad because of this. You want to continue with this going ahead with any future DLC for the game? This is just petty.

Just add electrical doodad and maybe some other very basic items to the base game that have been employed by all other versions of it, stop shuffling things around and creating potential headaches for yourself and players for no reason and make all the crafting recipes that exist in every version of the game consistent (for example the Alchemy Engine requires 4 boards, 6 gold and 2 cutstone in the base game, as opposed to 4 boards, 2 doodads and 2 cutstone that is its crafting recipe in every other version of the game)! It's not that hard to do.

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