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Vacation Days (Beach Chair Fix)

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Had a random thought today about the beach chair. Its got an incredible morale boost, but it invariably causes dupes to lose sleep unless you explicitly put them on a schedule with enough downtime to handle *6* scheduled slots, plus time to pee and eat. There's two ways I can imagine it being fixed, the likely easier way is make it interruptible by the nighttime command, because they already eat and pee first...

But what if we had vacation days? Something that changed all work in a schedule into a 'vacation' time slot that acted like downtime, but enabled use of really long recreational buildings, like the beach chair. As far as I can tell, the buff lasts for multiple cycles (I don't know the exact number, but I feel like it's between 5 and 10). Having vacation/weekend days could just be Allows one dupe, in schedule order, to have a vacation day, rotating through them. This would allow for both using the beach chair more effectively,

Even without a beach chair, this could add a bit of morale for just having a break day, but it would allow more long-term recreational buildings to work without needing to schedule 10 downtime slots and still risk the beach chair being the last recreational activity they choose and destroying their sleep

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Actually there is a way to fix that. Just put the downtime after sleeptime instead of before. This way instead of losing sleep they`ll be losing worktime which is a kind of vacation.

Anyway if slee interrupted their time on the chairs they wouldn`t get the bonus from using them as they always get the bonus at the end of the activity.

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