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The Nettle Bug

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Hi so on the Wikia page for Nettle Vines it says that there remains an unfixed bug, that nettles vines, when you save and quit and reload the game, will have their growth time reset. I have definitely noticed this happening before, but when I try actively to recreate it, either by leaving the sprinker on or off when I quit, the growth time seems to reload successfully. I see that in the nettle prefab, in its on load post pass, the pickable target time is reloaded from the save of the prefab, which seems to me to overwrite the data saved by the pickable component itself.

local function onloadpostpass(inst,newents,data)
	if data then
		if data.targettime then
				inst.components.pickable.targettime = data.targettime

Does anyone know anything about this bug? When exactly does it happen and how would you fix it?

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