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Hey everyone.


I just wanted to check if there's still bugs related to the atmo checkpoints where dupes are not behaving as expected? I've set up an atmodock / checkpoint in my exploration rocket intended for one dupe and whenever someone comes in from the outside to do errands like construction inside the rocket they leave their suit as expected in the dock but when they exit the rocket they just ignore the checkpoint completely as if it weren't there. I know there's been bugs connected to the checkpoints a while back but I think that's been sorted out by now? Maybe I am doing something wrong here... ?

Maybe the problem is the transition from the inside of the rocket to my planetoid?




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As I suspected, I started seeing pictures after doing a google search where people had spaced the checkpoint away from the door. This has been an issue for a while as I remember having this problem when I started testing Spaced Out. Thanks for the reply!

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