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"Bubble priorities"

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What about adding an option in the priority window additionally "bubble priority."
Here's what it might look like:
For example, I have 2 manual generators
The first generator is free, the second generator is occupied by a duplicate with low priority for operation on the generator.
The dublicant whose priority of working with the generator runs first to the first generator and performs the work when he has finished work he runs to the second generator, runs the dublicant whose priority is less for working with the generator falls, and the dublicant whose priority is higher is laid into the second generator and continues to perform the work.

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I`m not sure if i understand. You want the dupe with higher priority to replace the dupe with lower? I think there is a similar system for research dupes where the one with a higher reasearch skill goes to the research station and pushes a lower skill dupe out.

As manual generators go there is no scenario where one dupe will finish his job and the other one is still running (unless one of them goes to eat/sleep). Dupes on manual generators run until the batteries are full and then they all stop at the same time.

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