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More Skins for Followers (and skins for balloons)

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As a Wurt player, I like using her funny little skins. "Look at the little fish running around," I say in delight! The same thing happens with Webber. "woah dude my spiderman cosplayer is dressed for winter, isn't that wacky?"

But sometimes, Don't Starve Together can being me into an endless eternal rage. I log on to Don't Starve Together. "Time to play a funny fish!" I say, not knowing the horrors that await me. 

I find a swamp. 'How nice!' I think, due to my character being wurt. But then I see it. A merm. It is green. I look at my abyssal skin in fear.

I am blue, not green. I get out of my chair and drop to my knees in defeat. My pain rings eternal throughout the universe. I crumple up; and die.

In short, skins for merm houses that change the look of the merm to fit with Wurt's skins, skins for Woby akin to Abigail or Chester's skins, skin for den decorator set to beautify normal and warrior spiders, and skins for balloons, because balloons are funny and Wes deserves it.

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