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Update (Xbox One - released September 10, 2021)

  • The Alarming Clock now does damage inline with most tools while out of fuel.
  • Pocket Watches and the parts will now be stolen by Catcoons.
  • Increased the Second Chance Watch's cooldown to half a day.
  • The Second Chance Watch can no longer withstand the stress of being haunted by Wanda's timeline (it will now break when haunted by Wanda).
  • The Backstep, Backtrek, and Rift Watches will now show their indicators while in a backpack.
  • Added Wanda's carol voice.
  • Fixed crafting structures consuming twice the resources.
  • Fixed Mad Scientist Lab not consuming ingredients when making potions.
  • Wanda now takes the correct amount of damage while freezing, overheating.
  • Fixed the health, hunger, and sanity icons in the Cookbook screen.
  • Fixed a rare caves world generation crash.
  • Fixed crafting materials not being consumed with the sculpting table and a few other items.
  • Fixed a bug when two Wanda's use a Second Chance Watch on the same ghost.
  • Fixed a bug where Wanda would get the new crafting sanity bonus every time she crafted the Backtrek watch.
  • Fixed a rare crash while raising an Anchor.
  • Fixed Essential Wanda skin name.
  • Fixed crash in Shop screen due to missing art.
  • Fixed weavable characters showing up when in offline mode.
  • Fixed Wanda's missing feet when wearing Free Roaming Feet.
  • Fixed Wanda's nose when yawning.

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