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Hello there. i would like to present a World i have worked on, a recreation of the board game Clue/Cluedo that is also playable (though still needs more testing)


While perhaps not the most glamorous creation with what little skins i had, I'm still quite pleased with the results and would like to check if anyone in the forum would be interested in giving it a try as well.

i would need at least 3 other players in order to host a game with the way its set up, one player needs to place cards in the evidence chest and distribute the rest of them, so one player would not be able to participate in the game. (I can take that role so everybody else may play)

If you don't know how to play Clue/Cluedo, Check the spoiler for a quick summery of the rules, i can also teach you as we play if needed.


In Clue/Cluedo, there has been a murder and each player need to figure out who did it, with what weapon and where the crime was committed.

At the beginning of the game, one suspect, weapon and location card is put in a chest in secret from all players.

The rest of the cards are distributed to each player randomly until everybody have even amount of cards (if possible) and each player need to keep their cards a secret from other player for the moment.

(In total there are 6 suspect, 6 weapon and 9 location cards, a total of 21 cards)

each turn the player moves to one of the rooms and makes a suggestion, a suggestion involves picking one of any suspects and weapons in the game (regardless if you have the card or not) and speculate they committed the crime in the room your currently at, you cannot chose any other room your not inside.

The player whose turn is after yours then has to disprove your suggestion if possible, if they have any cards you used in your suggestion, they must show one of them to you in secret, once you made note of their cards, give the card back to them and end your suggestion, if the player doesn't have any cards, move to the next player until either someone can disprove your suggestion or all players fail to disprove it. (the suggestion will also end if nobody can disprove it)

Once you finished your suggestion, you may either end your turn or make an accusation,

In an accusation, you are trying to guess the content of the evidence chest and have one chance to get it right. You may pick any suspect, weapon and location in your accusation.

Once you've made your accusation, open the evidence chest and see if you are correct.

If you guessed correctly, remove the cards from the chest and reveal them to all the players, You have won the game!

However, if even one of the cards is incorrect, you have lost the game and been eliminated, you must leave the cards in the chest and keep its content a secret, you may no longer move around the board, make suggestions or another accusations, but you still have to disprove other players theory.

The game ends once a player makes a successful accusation or all players fail to make an accusation.

If your want to play a game or have any other question about the server, do send me a message or post a reply and I'll see about scheduling a game in the future or answering your questions.

Anyway, thank you for your time,

(oh and if anybody know any mods to give any players godmode or so, let me know as it would be really handy)

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