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  1. Hello! I've never used the trading section of the forums before so I appologize if I do something wrong, but I recently ordered a Willow funko. I really love Willow, but I'm not really interested in the hat that comes with her. I was hoping to perhaps trade it with somebody who has a leftover tesla coil lantern skin code? Possibly to surprise my sibling since she's been really nice to me lately and I already have the skin. This is the only offer I'm accepting so apologies in advance. It'd be much appreciated! And if it's not possible, thanks for looking here anyways! <3
  2. Me and my friends were also having this issue with the log suits in our server yesterday. Thought it was a mod issue but perhaps it's not after all.
  3. GUESS WHO'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. CAPPY'S BACK. TELL A FRIEND. Thanks! And I'm glad. I left on a rather sour note the last time I was here. Safe to say after recent events, I am no longer salty /shot But ok, no seriously /brushes off the dust on this old thing, slowly getting my Don't Starve addiction back and after the well needed Willow update I am slowly becoming a Willow main again did some art of my daughter. I really miss drawing these characters and drawing in this style. It's so much fun. Maybe I'll try to post more.
  4. Got another crash trying to kill a butterfly with my spear. I don't have any mods on.
  5. I decided to start my world in RoG with the intention to migrate to Hamlet later, but for some reason when I gain aggro on the spiders, the game crashes
  6. I placed gold dust on the shelf of my home and it showed this dialog as I hovered over it. It took the oinc out of my inventory. I tested it a second time and it took another oinc as I clicked on it. Not sure what happens when I don't have oincs on me or if other items have a similar problem.
  7. I spawned a touchstone into the world onto the ground somewhere using console commands and later died in my house. After dying in my house, the game glitched me into an empty room that looked like my house with nothing in it, and no Wilson. It interpreted I was in darkness and killed me off permanently.
  8. I tried to buy eggs, but the game didn't like that. I don't know if it was an action I had done before to cause it, or if it was just the buying of the eggs that did it, but this is the crash screen that showed up. In this shop When I tried to repeat the action, the frog legs, eggs, and fish on the wall all disappeared. And then this error showed up
  9. Aaaaa thank you all so much asdghj It really means a lot to me!!! ;;;;;;;;;; Here are a few more (I'm kind of venting since I had a disappointing day playing DST): life goals: achieving all the edgy overlord skins yeesh max like?? the heck is wrong with your room???? Mini vent time but: Can we please end the mentality that all people that choose willow are griefers? I know it started off that way, but Willow is one of my favs to main!..... not to mention I've been in servers with griefers 3 times in a row today and none of those players were willow smh :/
  10. I'm really shy and I don't really understand how this forum stuff works? I've only posted on these forums like??? once??? While I was in my modding phase... So apologies if I'm doing this wrong! ;;;;;;;; I've been getting back into Don't Starve (art, mods, etc.) and stuff again and I figured it'd be okay to post some old (and new!) doodles I've done. First time drawing Willow, Wendy and Abigail (in 2013) More really bad doodles from 2013 (first doodles of Wes and Charlie) A few recent Wilsons from my sketchbook *GRUMBLED ANGRY TRUMPET NOISES* >:( I drew this before skins were even a thing look how far we've come I don't remember when I drew this but it's probably old To no one's surprise, I draw a lot of Wilson... should probably draw more of the others too LOL... Oh! And lastly, some really recent Charlie art! Why is it hidden?? I don't know!! Everyone already knows about Charlie by now!!!... I'll add more later I guess! I mean, maybe? Like I said I'm more of an occasional lurker than a poster, so forgive me for being so awkward here...
  11. I need to use this place more often....... :(

  12. Actually, I was hoping to create a DST version of this mod, but I wanted to complete him first for Don't Starve first (since he's incomplete in his current state). Though, if you're interested in helping me with code/converting him into a DST character, I would be willing to accept help on that. And I'm glad you like him!
  13. Not yet! Once I finish him for Don't Starve, I'd LOVE to make him playable for DST!
  14. Thanks! And sadly no, I don't take requests as I'm sort of busy all the time, but I'll let you know in the future for sure!
  15. Or both! I was thinking about the krampus system for the Lorax actually (except for trees, I don't know how I'm going to do it but I will figure it out). I don't want to rid of the treeguards, but, rather, add the Lorax into the equation somehow... (also that's such a good idea to make truffula fruit a droppable item for the truffula trees! Thanks, I will probably use that.)