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Coder assistance needed - new Wanda character causes mine to crash

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RustyNayle    25

With the introduction of the new official Wanda Survivor to the base game code, my nearly 6-year old mod character causes the game to crash when enabled. This is her: 

What I need to know is, how many files / instances that mention her in the code do I have to rename in order to get my mod working again?

I might as well update food preference as well, probably Pierogi.

There are a bunch of other ideas I have had for her that need advanced coders and artists to help me develop (especially the unique treeguards and fine-tuning of the "nature naughtiness" / shenaniganism feature that summons these ones that are aggro on her), but for now I just need to at least get her to a point where she won't crash the game again.

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