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i unlocked the charming perk, i slept and the next day i got a message that said phroluk of the beats loves me, a character that has no love or hate dispositions. this cheated me of my boon and makes this perk potentially useless. 

when you click a characters portrait in the bottom right corner, it shows the characters boon and bane if you have unlocked it, but does not provide a description when you hover over it. if you are a new player and don't have all the bones and banes memorized, you have to go search for them in the compendium where there are descriptions. it would be so much easier to just click on the character and read the boon/bane description without digging through the compendium. you have a pop up description for the cards you receive for killing the character why not descriptions for the boon/bane?

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rooks    264

Hi there, thanks for the feedback!

With regards to the boon/bane description on the character info screen, are you referring to the popup descriptions of the bolded keywords that might appear in the boon/bane info?

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