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Automated Notifier, mode toggle button

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When selecting the Automated Notifier, in the Notification Designer window, add a mode toggle button. The options would be "Momentary" or "Follow input". The current behavior is "Momentary" as the notification will display for only 30 seconds after input goes green.

The new option of "Follow Input" would do just that, and follow the input. The notification would appear as soon as the input goes to green, remain displayed as long as the input remains green, and then go away as soon as the input goes red.

I have situations where I want to keep the notification visible, knowing I need to address a situation or to know a situation is occurring, but don't need to address it immediately. I have worked around this by AND'ing the input with a Time Sensor, but then the notification reflashes every 30 seconds. A simple toggle would be a small change, but a great quality of life improvement.

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