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[spoilers] help needed on finding that thing

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I can't find the rift opener... its the last thing I want to do in this run through--- searching the icy planet covered in regolith... thought it was there but all I'm finding is steam vents.  What does this look like? Is it randomly covered with regolith with no signs of it, or is it marked with neutronium... or something else?


This seems like a tightly held secret-- my google fu is failing me, and I wonder how many people have ever gone through the Tear on spaced out?

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11 minutes ago, Dr.gravitas said:

Is the tear opener buried with something indicating it’s presence like neutronium, out in the open, or completely buried with no sign of it?

You would be looking for that:



Located there (frozen planet that has iron volcanos)

If there isn't one, it might not exist in your current map :|

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Thanks. I've been looking everywhere for that specific tip.  Now it has been recorded for the thousands (tens?) of other people looking.

Edit: located it so thank you.  I had explored 95% of the space map, but not this particular spot, and I was searching several other planets to death, driving me crazy, over the past week, thanks to bad advice on other places.  The opener is actually incredibly easy to find, if you get to this particular asteroid.  Hopefully this post can help other people who had similar bad luck in finding it.


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Hey while I have you here...

Do you know what is needed to remove "line of sight obstruction" for the opener?  I cleared open sky from the device all the way into space, and I'll still getting that message on the machine.

I also accidently deconstructed it, so obviously there are some bugs here.


edit: I got the line of sight obstruction removed-- if you carefully mouse over things you can see that the machine is 5 spaces wide, and it needs that entire space above it clear.  It looks like it is only three wide but actually it is five.

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