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QoL revert: Perminent resourse counter after discovery


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  1. 1. Should we request KLei to revert the materials counter in buildings to always remain visable after discovering the materials rather than always saying "missing materials" if you have insufficient quantity

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So everytime I go to build newly attained buildings or highly quantity buildings, I end up running out of certain materials and then get the "missing resources" message in the build section.

While it says things like "1200kg refined metal" or "200kg metal ore", this doesn't help me understand what is actually near the value I need to build (such as being 1150kg/1200kg of copper while I am only at 50kg on iron) which makes priority on material manufacturing difficult, it also makes it difficult to preset buildings placement while I retrieve said materials.

I understand I can set materials to the right side of the screen, but to have to scroll thru the list every single time when it was previously available at the source menu rather than all materials separated in a list that we have to manually setup every single game..

I could be just ranting but I figured I'd put the question here.

Screenshot (169).png

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