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help to know how to change the order of the parts of the body (character) spriter

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what I need is to know how the order of the pieces of the character changed.

I'm making a character and I want the (hair-0) part to be behind all the other parts of the body.

I looked a little on the internet and I saw some videos to change the order in spriter and I tried it and if it goes behind almost everything, only the left arm stays below.

PS: I'm making the character from the (extended sample character-DST)

I would very much like your help.


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4 hours ago, Makaoshi said:

So will there be a way to make the animation put the (hair-0) part behind everything?


There is no perfect way to adjust the z-index for symbols, and definitely no way to modify only a specific sub symbol of a symbol.

The only code ways to mess with them at all is using the AnimState functions:

However these functions are used for certain skins as well and will require that you swap the z-index of ALL your hair symbols with the chosen symbol.

In your case if you have no interest in using the tail symbol, maybe consider swapping the tail and hair symbols using one of these in your character's lua file.

However like I said its not perfect and it'll probably get broken if you wear skins that use these functions.

If you use vanilla animations you'll get vanilla symbol positions, modifying spriter files will not change the z-index order and its just unavoidable issue since the beginning of this franchise modding life.

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