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Steam Client Beta changes and Patch Notes

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There's a new change to the Steam Client Beta downloads page. No longer does every game being downloaded have a link to the news feed. Only if there is an associated post marked with "Patch Notes" will the game have a link to that post.

Despite the users decrying this change, Steam is holding to it's guns. This is why I'm trying to get developers that care to change to add Patch Notes to every post that need it. I believe a post that is minor/regular/major all can have patch notes attached as a tag.

Attached is a picture of the new download screen. Phasmophobia had a "minor update/patch notes" attached. Oxygen Not Included had a "Regular Update" attached. Note that only Phasmophobia had a link to the update.

When this change goes live, all users will appreciate your using the appropriate tags.

Thank you.


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