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"Automatic" Drecko Shearing and Killing Room

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Hello all,

this is my attempt to have excess Drecko (eggs) sheared from your pens without stacking them.
I know the easiest way is to just throw the eggs in a small room and let the Dreckos die of old age.

The following room will separate the adult Dreckos from the young ones. They will be shorn and then killed.
It looks like the pictures.

In the normal overlay the water drops are marked 1,2,3. Dreckos cannot pass through them. This means that they all gather in the lower part of the room near the shearing station. 
However, they can jump through the water at a corner. The small room to the left of number 1 is for storing the extra eggs. The adults can jump through the water at number 1 in the main room. The Drecklets cannot make this jump. 
Now the critter sensors at 5 in the auto overlay can detect the drecko. The lever to the right of the critter sensors is also a critter sensor in the finished build, set to below 1. The lever is used to test the logic. The other 2 critter sensors are set to over 2 and over 4.

The filter gates at 6 are set for a time long enough for a dupe to shear the sensed amount of dreckos. The first is for 1 or 2, the second has no meaning at the moment, the third is for 2 or more, and the fourth is for 4 or more Dreckos.

The logic goes as follows:
A Drecko enters the room. The door behind him (at 1) is closed. A dupe enters the room to shear him. The door behind the dupe closes for as long as it takes the dupe to shear the drecko(s). When the dupe leaves the room, the door at 2 closes and the door at 3 opens. 

Since the door at 3 is now closed, the Dreckos can climb up the wall and jump into the small Killchamber behind 3. With this they leave the room and can't come back because the water blocks the way back. The moment all the Dreckos are in the Killchamber, the critter sensor at 5 (the lever in the picture) turns green again. This will open the door at 1 and 2 and close it again at 3. The shorn Dreckos will drown and new ones can enter.
The timer sensor is set to a time window that corresponds to the work day of the person who needs to do the shearing. Starting right after bedtime for about 20 seconds for the shearer's travel time. The filter gate right next to the timer sensor is set to one second less (19 seconds in this case).

The filter gate below the dupe sensor is set to one second for a short pulse that closes the door behind the dupe.

If anyone knows an easier way to do this. I would love to learn how. Especially lower tech solutions would be great.

Oh and all levers are just for testing. They are not included in the final build.



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Very cool contraption. But I personally prefer to dump excess drecko eggs in a hydrogen rich room, so I can shear them more than once. You can even put some plants in there and let them live their full life cycles if you want, albeit glum. It puts a real strain on the dupes manning (duping?) the shearing stations tho... and your CPU. I guess your solution saves FPS by limiting the number of critters.

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