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Why doesn't my game auto update?

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Following is a description of my original problem: I don't see the fishy ham bat in game

I linked my account and got all the previous twitch drops
I go to twitch inventory and it shows that I've claimed the drops (see following picture)


But when I go to Klei transactions and filter by twitch item drop, the most recent record was the Rockjaw sail, not the fishy ham bat.



I also don't see the belonging in my curio cabinet when I log into DST



Please help me out
Edit: Problem solved, my game didn't auto update. After I closed the game and re-opened it it auto updated and I got the drops


Now does anyone know how to fix the problem that my game doesn't auto update the first time I enter?
I always have to enter it twice for it to update itself

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First off I don’t know which console/platform you are on.. but if you are on the Xbox Series X or S that particular game system has a built in feature called “Auto-Resume” this means: That even if you exit the game, play a totally different game OR even turn your Xbox Series X/S completely off.. that the game is literally picking back up WHERE you left off.. for most games- This feature works Flawlessly, For DST.. it dumbfounds the game and you can no longer get login in items (which include Twitch drops)

To fix this is pretty simple: there are two methods, You can simply scroll down to “log out” and then log back in, or you can do like I do (because eventually it becomes a habit for you on the new consoles anyway) and press the Xbox home button, scroll down to my games, scroll to Quick Resume, and highlight the game you want to close press your 3 line button on the controller to open up a new menu of things you want to do with this game file: Scroll to “Remove from Auto Resume” 

If you want the TL:DR version of this: The New Xbox Console acts more like an Apple IPhone/IPad and even after you exit apps or games you still need to actually CLOSE the app because it will still be running in the background.

If your on PC or Playstation 5… I’m sorry but I can’t assist you with those :( 

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