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Dreaming about Shipwrecked together

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I know thats not a new topic and that it will probably never happen, but I still wanna talk about it and get some ideas out :D Shipwrecked still is my favorite DS world, the colors, the music, !THE SEASONS! and the INSANE AMOUNTS OF FOOD u have there just allways make me wanna play it with friends. It just feels more like vacation, than DSTs more serious tone..(Yeah i know mods and all that, but not really, cuz most friends r consoleros)

and oc sorri for bed inglish


-world generation option. one and done deal. no dimensionhopping 

-max. 3 players for stability 

-starting island allways medium to big, with enough resourses

-bioluminessence respawns. (but very slowly)

-tigershark den no longer an island, but a sea struckture like the dolphin nests. with every kill, the dropped meat results in bigger and bigger croc and shark waves

-DST boat possible, but tricky to navigate between the waves. because of waves, boatbridges between islands only in shallow water possible

-NEW SUMMER BOSS (more bellow..)



-new tropical giant crops (pinapple ect.)

(the following stuff is the idea i really wanna get out and get some feedback on)

-planting 4 coconuts and nothing else into a monsoon flooded farm spot, would let them suck up water constantly so they could become bigger instead of a palm tree. every groth stage you need to care for it, otherwise it breaks into normal cocos. (breaks in 3.phase = 3 cocos)

- in the their giant stage they can be hammered like any other giant crops for 5 coconuts OR combined with ?7? gunpowder to get a giant coconade (?2000dmg?)

-cuz it needs to ne carried like a giant veggie its pretty useless on land but on the sea it could get funny. we just need somebody to use it on :D


- new boat attachment(SW and DST boats). SPRING CLAW. can grab stuff on the sea to relocate or drag with you (bringing quaken chest near base, draging fishfarm with you) and fling stuff(g. coconades) around like a canon.

- Optional Boss fight: making the vulcano errupt 3 extra times than he would have without intervention, triggers the Volcano to become a "treeguard-like" monster, constantly errupting till seasonend.(spawns only when nobodys inside him and cant be entered)

-Stationary. Only torso with arms above sealevel. Can hit the water to shoot waves after the players nearby. When he spawns, he makes an aoe heat blast, pushing everything placed around him away. the heat aura stays makin it dangerous to get close

-The fight would be shooting and throwing bombs at him while avoiding the waves and constant erruptions. 

-Im bad with numbers but lets say he has like the fuelweavern 16 000 hp. 8 giant coconades r his death. 3 players can instantly fling 6000 dmg on him. picking up setup ones on the sea, could become tricky because of the constant errutions, but it would be possible. otherwise boat cannons and vulcanic staffs would work good too.

-defeating him would reset his inside(like the caves in DST), making everything in him renewable. and no erruptions for the rest of the season. next dryseason hes replayable again

-loot idea would be "living obsidian". can be craftet into the "living torch" refuelable torch, takes everything a firepit would take. pretty much a portable obsidian firepit. insane light, can cook stuff, but also heats u up in summer.


and thats it. thanks for reading. tell me what u think about it all :D if its shid, tell me how it would be better. other ideas r oc welcome here








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My opinion on this is that They should not just copy and paste the entirety of Shipwrecked in DST.. instead I would rather see them add bits and pieces of it like they have been doing lately.

But with a new feel and twist to feel unique to DST, for example Wobster were pulled directly from shipwrecked dlc.. but instead of using them the same way they were in SW- Klei changed them up a little.

there are a ton of beautiful biomes and mobs from BOTH Shipwrecked & Hamlet that if added to DST on little islands out in the waters would go A LONG WAY in filling up DSTs still mostly empty-ish Waters.

Things like Jellyfish, Coral Reefs, Ballphin, Jungle Forest Biomes, Hamlet Piko Squirrels etc they fit DST because they’re all creatures of the constant- They’re all mobs created by KLEI and they should all be useable assets to continue to fill the world of DST with.

In fact: I don’t see why they have “Lava Pools” as something that is exclusive to just Fireflys boss fight- Why isn’t there a Biome that stays so hot ponds have become molting lava pits? Or maybe that should be labeled under Summer Season rework…

What I do know for sure is that there’s a ton of content that for whatever reason Klei restricts to a certain DLC or Biome of the game- This is a bad habit that needs to be broken.

I would absolutely LOVE to see something like Shipwreckeds volcano biome but updated and with exciting new ideas from the minds at Klei (still begging for those Magma Golems from the Forge Event)

The TL:DR- Klei has tons of assets from Shipwrecked/Hamlet/Gorge/Forge & Unimplemented Wiki that really shouldn’t go to waste…

Maybe the size and scope of the game I’m envisioning is more in-line for a DST 2 … I honestly don’t know, but since Klei has gone on record and saying “We don’t see DST ending getting updates anytime soon” then that roughly translates to “Who needs a DST 2 when we can continue to expand and evolve DST?”

Just like how Minecraft has continued to expand and evolve over the years instead of releasing a Minecraft 2.

But as far as allowing 6 or even 3 people to run amok in Shipwrecked in its complete version? There are a ton of problems with that..

I will skip to the TL:DR version and say it’s the same reason the Giant Foot Bell was not added to DST as it brings absurd levels of grieving potential into the game.

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