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Three Simple Questions.

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Hello everyone, today I have three simple questions. I have an item that has no purpose at the moment, just sits in inventory and looks cool, however, it doesn't stack. I would like them to stack up to 10 items each. Is there a tag or something I'm missing?

I also have this same item drop from Bee Queen. However, I would like it to replace another one of her drops, the normal stinger. Is there code to remove something from her loot table or replace it with something different?

Finally, I would like to ask how to make a crafting recipe. In the Tools tab, costing 3 Gears, 2 Electrical Doodads, and 1 of the mod item. I have the item that is being made in the code already.

Thanks in advance.

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In order to add stackability to an item you have to add the stackable component:

inst.components.stackable.maxsize = TUNING.STACK_SIZE_MEDITEM -- The exact values of these can be found in truning.lua
-- You can change this to simply 10


You can replace Bee Queen's loot table to a table that you created using SetSharedLootTable. Copy the original from beequeen.lua and change stinger to your item, then set it up with 'inst.components.lootdropper:SetChanceLootTable('beequeen')'


You can create recipes with AddRecipe:

AddRecipe("your_item", {Ingredient("gears", 3), Ingredient("transistor", 2), Ingredient("your_item_2", 1, "images/your_item_2.xml", "your_item_2.tex")}, RECIPETABS.TOOLS, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, "images/your_item.xml", "your_item.tex")


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