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Please implement some mods into the base game.

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This is my favorite game. I have 3700 hours in it. I want to play this some more. However, after so many hours, there are some tedious aspects that I just dont want to endure anymore. For instance, I have quite a few designs using the airlock mod which has been outdated for months. Building waterlocks is one of the items I just dont want to do anymore. I played for well over a 1000 hours before using mods. Mods has given the game replay-ability for me. Is there nothing to be done about it? I bought Spaced out dlc and still have not played it due to outdated mods. Im still waiting to play it once those mods are updated. Its been so long, I have lost hope of them being updated. I would love to continue to support this game by buying future dlc's. But, if I cannot play the game with mods that make this so re-playable, Im not going to spend money on something I am not going to play. Sad, but true. I really would like to enjoy this game again. Please figure something out.

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The devs have already been working on compatibility issues for the mods in the recent updates. If mods are not compatible with the DLC, it shouldn't be the devs of ONI that should be put to blame, but rather the modders who either forgot to update their mods, don't have the DLC, or simply refuse to update it. I know that mods are cool and all, especially since they add content, QoL stuff and bug fixes, even I rarely play the game without mods.

Just understand that the devs of ONI have done their job for the mods' compatibility, right now though they're more focused on the DLC than the base game, especially since the DLC still has a couple of stuff to finish and fix.

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