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Bug Report, and things that needs improvements in [Don't Starve PE Android]

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Bug Report:

Destroying the natural bunny houses and killing them in the caves will cause the game to set a spawn point for the fallen Bunnyman anywhere underground. (I tried it in three different worlds and confirmed it. I'm pretty sure that I killed and destroy their houses none of them are left, and in my surprise all of them spawed in one location I saw it with my own eye's and they killed me in an instant.)

: Commanding followers to attack walls and then hammering it down will cause the game to crash.

Yellow amulet cannot be refueled.

Visual Glitch Report:

: Shovelling three leafed berry bushes doesn't show it's item type image.

: During winter structures and the environment turn darker even tho it's daytime.

: Using torch during night shows this weird texture to structures trees and boulders.

: Walls doesn't show the right position when rotating the map 

Things that needs improvements and fixing:

: Using the attack button to a walled, fenced, and gated mob will make the character attack the wall, fence, and gate rather than the mob inside or outside it making it hard to build tall bird farms. For example: I'm farming crows to my base filled with walls. I'm using a boomerang and a bird land in the boomerang range (use the attack button) rather than attacking the crow it attacked the wall near me. (Hope you understand)

: Game makes it self go slowmo and lag.

: Cooking 40 stack of berries or other food in the campfire/fire pit suck.

Step 1: tap inventory.

Step 2: tap item you want to cook.

Step 3: tap cook.

Step 4: wait cooking animation.

Step 5: repeat until you cooked all 40 Ahhh!!!!!

Same as crafting items like boards, roaps, and cut stones.

It's time consuming you need to constantly tap tap tap.

There's actually more but I forgot some of them and others needs confirming.

That's all thank you klei.











































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