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_Please Read_ How to make Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Great Again!

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*None of the below are my wishes but rather suggestions and feedback from a fan, I love you Klei(^///^).


Hi there, so I am a big fan of the game all around. I used to play it on PC for which of course I understand the game was initially made for. However, the game is perfectly fitted to be a great mobile indie game. I purchased the Pocket Edition (iOS, not the Apple Arcade version) a long time ago but never truly had a chance to dive in or enjoy it to the full extent even tho it is literally in my pocket haha. The overall experience feels unnecessarily compromised compared to the desktop version.


The problems are concerned with not-so-great adaptation for touch users. Particularly when it comes to repetitive actions such as eating or making items. Because of them, the pocket edition becomes ridiculously tedious (tiresome). It becomes apparent when you are making ropes/boards/cut stones which you need a LOT in the game. The same goes for cooked food. All of which could have been solved simply with an added (action) button that would repeat the same action executed before. Let say you make a rope and then you just press this added button to make other ropes (as long as the player has the resources in the inventory for it of course). Moreover, selecting the inventory pauses the game (rightfully so since mobile players don't have shortcuts) elongating the game for hours. This would have been solved with that additional button.


Inventory management becomes difficult due to drag and drop. Another action button that would simply add the selected item to the open chest/fridge/crockpot would make it very simple.


None of the above action buttons have to be present on screen all the time but rather appear when necessary. The same applies to the virtual stick.


Other suggestions that really would enhance the game:

-Action buttons are too close to each other;

-Character models are in low resolution for some reason which does not look great when you zoom in;

-Bosses do not spawn (in the first Winter/Spring at all in Reign of Giants as far as I can attest), that's odd especially when you play the classic mode.


*I am probably 2 years too late but hey.

*I wonder if what I wrote was mentioned before.

*I assume non of these problems are present if you use those fancy controllers (gonna lose it and buy steam deck).

*I assume the game is ported by a third party.

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