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Any tip on how to achieve the ONI pathfinding?

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Hello, I'm a fun of ONI and game development, I'm so into the ONI type of games and I've tried many times (mostly adapting A-Star algorithm to platformer game characters with gravity and no jumping) on achieving the pathfinding feature similar to that of the ONI characters, but none succeeded.

I'm wondering if ONI developers could share some tips on how to do that, so I can enjoy not only playing such great game like ONI, but also the process of creating a similar feature.

Thank you very much.

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@UnityFan, I don't know of any existing detailed descriptions of ONI pathfinding.  I don't think ONI does anything much more fancy than A*.  But, if you really want to know you should be able to read the code directly.  I've followed the instructions for decompiling the game code described here: https://github.com/Cairath/Oxygen-Not-Included-Modding/wiki

It will get you the C# portion of the code base, which doesn't include some things (mostly, the heat and fluid/gas flow simulations) which are implemented in native code.

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