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How to fix mobs doing nothing after embarking

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Mobs neither continue or abort buffered actions upon embarking, which leads to them standing idle until interrupted. For example, Sea Striders will be idle for 15 seconds after jumping off a platform to eat a fish. I assume this timeout was added specifically for that issue.

This can be fixed by adding this to behaviours/doaction:


function DoAction:Visit()
    if self.status == RUNNING and self.inst.sg:HasStateTag("idle") then
        self.status = READY --try again if we're idle for some reason...

    if self.status == READY then
        local action = self.getactionfn(self.inst)
        if action then
            action:AddFailAction(function() self:OnFail() end)
            action:AddSuccessAction(function() self:OnSucceed() end)
            self.pendingstatus = nil
            self.inst.components.locomotor:PushAction(action, self.shouldrun)
            self.action = action
            self.time = GetTime()
            self.status = RUNNING
            self.status = FAILED
    if self.status == RUNNING then
        if self.timeout and (GetTime() - self.time > self.timeout) then
            self.status = FAILED
            --print("Action timed out, failing")
        if self.pendingstatus then
            self.status = self.pendingstatus
        elseif not self.action:IsValid() then
            self.status = FAILED


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