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Server randomly freezes and requires manual input on console

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Having an issue where sometimes the server just freezes and I have to go into the shard console and press enter so it unfreezes.
Everytime this happens everyone who was on that particular shard gets disconnected. I've read the logs and there's no error or anything, all that appears is the immediate flood of disconnections when the server comes back to life.

If anyone could help me out that'd be awesome

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Already fixed it, forgot to come back to this post.
I'm running the server on my own pc and after searching about windows 10 cmd issues I found out that a feature called "quick edit" was the culprit (well that and me dragging windows around while using the pc normally). Apparently, if you click anywhere on the cmd it prevents the process from doing anything, because it assumes you're trying to select/change something.

Right-click on the server cmd, properties and then disabling QuickEdit prevented that from happening again. Apparently it only disables for that one process, it doesn't get disabled universally, so you have to do that for every server you're running

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