More Graft Slots?

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You mean your starting slots? In brawl the grafts you pick along your starting draft of card will give you an extra slot for both grafts. So rook will begin his brawl with 4 free slots for negotiation and battle each and the grafts you are gifted at the start with the extra slot to put them in leaving us to start with the possibility for getting 10 graft without needing to add more space.

Now with that said, if you don't click on the dialogue options to get one you also won't be getting that free slot but if instead of skipping that way you wait until you see the selection window and decide to go for shills instead of the three choice offered then the game will give you an empty slot for free anyway. And I think it goes without saying that Rook unlike both Sal and Smith begins with extra slots by default meaning that the later two will only get the possibility of installing 8 graft before needing to buy extra space.

And finally just in case there also is a limit to how many graft slots you can get max. I'm not sure but I think it's either 6 or 7 of both negotiation and battle grafts allowing you to get up 12 or 14 slots in a single game. If you want to make sure you can simply hover over Plocka's the dialogue box for adding extra graft space and it should tell you if you've reached the limit or not.

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