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  1. After win the 2nd Boss fight (Theroux & Mark Nine Nine) alone, I did not get a Boss Graft reward. I am not sure if it is a bug but i decided to report it by the way.
  2. Is it normal have more slots on brawl that history mode? Example, playing Rook in story mode i ve 8 graft slots but in brawl i ve 10
  3. In the daily run from today i was playing a discard deck with sal, sometimes when i make discard action using cards, sal made the counter animation and then she did the correct animation (i had not counter stat when this happened) Also i realised that the animation at the moment of start my or the enemy turn started with some delay
  4. While i was playing de 1st boss (fralx) with smith and i play dropkick, smith gains allevianate, my only battle graft is the robustify.
  5. I finished the rook s story with this graft, after that i started a brawl with the same character and when i was playing the first fight the effect of spare magazine triggered, despite i didn t have the graft. ty for reading, sometimes is hard write in english :)
  6. You can already see your current build in the game, anytime you want check it