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How to enable boon_quips?

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I seted up the chum bonuses conversations.

Added the player_quip_tag in the character file.

As well as loaded the yaml file in place.

But still, when I chose the starting bonus during new game for this character, I didn't get the messages I specified...

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  • Developer

Any luck?  Which messages did you receive instead of the ones you expected?  From your post I can't immediately see what might be going wrong, it seems to be set up okay.

If you hit tilde (~) when receiving the bonuses in conversation, and then click on the "Quips" button, you will be able view which quips were recently looked up, as below.

The words in cyan show which tags were used to lookup a quip.  In this case, chum_bonus and player_sal are the salient ones.  In the DB section below, only one match was found, and so Fssh uses that quip (NEVER NEVER).  In your case, there should be player_victor instead of player_sal.


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