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can someone help me fix this code? (fixed)

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hello, i use a mod which all of its code is basically this in modmain.lua

local function HideMapControls(self)
	AddClassPostConstruct("widgets/mapcontrols", HideMapControls)

what it does is get rid of these icons on the bottom right of the screen


because I have bad OCD I like my screen to have as little UI/HUD especially when I feel it's kinda pointless since all these icons you can preform their actions by pressing keys so I prefer have them gone.


In the latest beta DST update this code now causes when a player dies or revives the game instantly stops responding and you have to close it, i have no idea how to fix it so if anyone smart knows a way that it can be fixed or same thing can be achieved by making these icons invisible I'd be very grateful, thank you for your time. have a great day :D!

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