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Using Tree jam on different types of tree's (maybe even crops too)

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Currently using tree jam on any tree in the game (birchnut,evergreen,lunar tree) just does the siviculture effect..... It just grows the tree by 1 stage, which is  underwhelming. I was hoping we can get the mega tree's variants or easy way to grow mega crops. I've heard about the mega knob tree prevents wild fires. Having the mega tree variants on the mainland can provide bases/mega-basers a great way to counter summer fires. Also, currently the fig tree's only drop 4 logs.... which is REALLY underwhelming. I was hoping to mass farm the mega tree's, but chopping them currently isnt worth it. Currently, I only see fig tree/mega tree as a good alternative food resource and shading. It would be a nice alternative on dealing with summer, rather then just go to caves and afk there.

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