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Sequential Smart Battery Charging 'Guide' V.2 (COMPACT)

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I found a great guide by Epishade see HERE for a Sequential Smart Battery. His design works well but I wanted to make it more compact and thought I would save anyone else a few hours, and as the original topic is archived and I cant seem to find anything else on it I thought I would make a new post.  It may be possible to make it a tiny bit smaller but this is the best I could do. 

I know it may seam like spaghetti, but its pretty straight forward once you know what your doing.


NOTE: End tiles battery does not need to be 3 tiles away nor does the initial power shutoff, I just did that to show they are separate to the main circuit. Although they are necessary and must be wired correctly.

MAKE SURE THAT THE CIRCUT IS SET UP CORRECTLY BEFORE CONECTING TO POWER otherwise you need to manually drain the batteries and remember which power shutoffs you toggled.

FYI this is not so much a guide as some screenshots to show you how to best lay it out. See the original post above for a more in-depth guide and analysis.




Main image






NOTE: A single 'segment' of the circuit is highlighted in the blue box below.  



Power (note that it can go pretty much anywhere so long as its wired the same.

NOTE: Use Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire (not shown) for the best result, otherwise it may throttle. Be careful though as this can occupy more space if not done right.



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