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There are 3 ways to make nurse spiders:

1- spider queen method : huant a level den 3 to spawn a queen, aggro her until she spawn a nurse. give meat to nurse to make her your follower.

2- switcher doodle first be friend with a nurse spider by giving her a meat to unlock switcher doodle blueprint, then make switcher doodle with 2honey,2monster meat,2 silk. give doodle to a spider to change him into a nurse.

3- Auto Nurse Spider Farm: First prison 2 queens with end table to prevent them from planting into den,Then separate them from her spiders. Then lure all of them by chester, And kill her spiders with catapult.Meanwhile you move nurse spiders to another closed place.[I explain farm's material down below]

* with this farm you can farm: nurse/warrior/black spider, spider gland, silk, monster meat


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