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Help with character mod (wx78 - like character) save/load issues

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My character is intended to be a slime of sorts that eats trash and grows

My character is getting closer to being finished but I still find myself having issues as I go quite often.

recently I bumped into a lot of issues with preload, load, and save functions.

game crashes on preload

I have attached the files and would greatly appreciate any help from knowledgable people that know how to go about this better than I.


I have simple objectives with my character. To do the following things - 

1. Be able to eat rot and grow from it, up to 1000 times

2. Be able to save my current level (inst.level) similarly to wx78

3. health, sanity, and hunger need to be the correct values when loading in game based on percentage regardless of the current level

for the most part, my character is functioning so far with the first objective. 

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