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Help request - Server mods that would benefit hosts!

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Hello my name is Ive/Ivy, and I've previously went by Mercyque. I'm looking for help in making two server side mods, which each have the following functions respectively.

Mod Request 1: (Part 2 & 3 are new. But part 1 is important too.)

1) Items don't drop on death. (Not new, but important to have bundled in this mod.)

2) While the player is a ghost, they can type the following command in chat. This command will then delete their inventory and despawn the player.


3) When a player becomes a ghost, send a message to that specific user saying the following.

You can despawn while as a ghost at the cost of losing your inventory, by typing #Despawn

Mod Request 2: (All following parts are important.)

1) When one or more mods on the server are outdated, if no players are online, restart the server.

2) While one or more mods on the server are outdated and there are one or more players online, every 20 minutes effective immediately until server shuts down, send the following announcement.

When able, please all log out of the server so updates for mods can commence!


Thank you to anyone whom is reading this post out of interest and/or inquiring to help complete these server side mods. If compensation is needed for your time and/or modding skills, we can discuss payment as needed.




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