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Anim.BIN file used for Wilbur without Crown?

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I'm trying to properly extract the assets for Wilbur without his crown. There's a folder for it (wilbur_nocrown), but of course, no anim file to go with it. I tried checking the the prefabs and Wilbur's .LUA files, but any hints I could get from them got me nowhere. I CAN use an "incorrect" anim.BIN with it, but the sprites come out blurry, as I have mentioned in my tutorial on extracting sprites from the game using KTools.

Now, as I also mentioned in my tutorial, I can use the atlas.tex and cut the sprites I need out using the blurry ones as reference, but the problem is: Every. Single. Sprite. Came out blurry for wilbur_nocrown. Here you can see what I mean just from the folder previews alone:


Anyone know which anim.BIN file goes with wilbur_nocrown's assets? I'd GREATLY appreciate any help as manually cutting out all of those sprites is a bit much work. Thank you..

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