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Was a bit surprised that this game doesn't have any fire in it, fire would be represented by a flame that changes color like gasses or liquids based on what it is being burned.

With fire comes fire-spread and fire suppression, fire extinguishers and maybe sprinklers or foam.

Duplicants could potentially catch on fire and need help to put it out, having them drop and roll, search for a liquid to jump into, a vacuum, or a non-oxygen environment could be very interesting.

There could be critters that either produce or live in fiery environments and dups would require atmo suits to handle them, like tiny dragons.
Or plants that are just live flames, maybe a sort of hot pepper.

Chain reactions could be made using fire, stuff made with carbon materials would react with oxygen and produce CO2.

Wires overloading could cause sparks that could ignite the surrounding gases, like hydrogen.

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The devs planned to have fires in the game iirc. But for some reason decided against it at some point. With the amount of flammable stuff we got i fear we could make our colonies instantly combust. Nobody wants their SPOM to explode during a power surge.

Anywya i think it would be an interesting thing to play around but it would reqire a ton of systems to be added to it so that it can be controlled. I`d like to see a scorched biome above the magma with burnt stuff, self burning plants (when fully grown) and a flamebreather critter.

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