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Rocket fuel/oxidizer tank rebalance suggestions

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Put simply, the heights of things make the Radbolt Engine a little too good. Here's what I suggest to make fuel+oxidizer more appealing.

  1. Large Solid Oxidizer Tank is literally pointless being 5 tiles tall. It should be 4 tall to match two smalls.
  2. Large Liquid Fuel Tank is also too high at 5 tiles tall. It should be 4 tall.
  3. Small Liquid Fuel Tank should exist, similar to the Small Solid Oxidizer Tank, for a 2 tile tall solution for close ranges.
  4. The amounts they hold could be boosted so that every 2 height gives you 600kg instead of 450kg (more range...though this might be a bit much for the Sugar Engine if its storage was increased to compensate).

Alternatively, they could follow from the cargo modules (regular 3 tall, large 5 tile with ~3x...maybe 3x is too much) and be more efficient:

  1. Small Solid Oxidizer Tank (renamed to Solid Oxidizer Tank) becomes 3 tall, and holds 750kg.
  2. Large Solid Oxidizer Tank remains 5 tall, but holds 1500kg.
  3. Liquid Fuel Tank comes in at 3 tall, holding 750kg.
  4. Large Liquid Fuel Tank remains 5 tall, but holds 1500kg.

In addition, I think material costs should be more consistent. Small tanks should really only be 100kg of metal ore, not 200kg. Larges are only 100kg of steel, and are about twice the size! Of course, larges could also be doubled in steel requirement, which would especially make sense if the second solution was implemented.

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