Griftlands Fan Discord (Now Partnered!)

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We haven't promoted it too widely here before now because we didn't want to self-promote an unapproved server - but since we've just become a Klei-partnered server, I figured I should actually make a thread and put the Discord link somewhere accessible!
Special thanks to the devs at Klei and everyone who's made the community such a blast so far!

About the Discord:

  • We hold small community events on occasion - from small things like jackbox game nights and drawing parties on a shared canvas (like, to larger community celebrations/challenges like Bogtober!
  • We have some Griftlands modding tools already working and are making progress on more.
    • (Side Note: Custom Animations are still out of scope at the moment, but customizing existing Character Art is now possible!
      A thread with that info will be posted here on the forums as well of course.)
  • We're also chipping away at the Griftlands Wiki, so more hands on deck are always welcome!

Whether any of those sound interesting to you, or you just want to come enjoy lurking and chatting about the game, all are welcome :) 
Hope you enjoy yourself here, and happy Grifting!

*Note:* We like to maintain a laid-back atmosphere, we're LGBTQIA+ positive, and we enjoy having a very active group of fans, strategists, artists, and all kinds of creators alike here - So please be respectful of such coming in, have fun, and we look forward to having you! <3

Griftlands Fan Discord ◄


Just know the griftposting is strong there.

You've been warned.



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