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Quarantine and diseases

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I would like to offer an idea. How about improving the biohazard? I would like to see in the game diseases that can spread in the colony despite pure oxygen. It would be cool if there was a quarantine in the game, so that infected compartments and infected Dublicants could be isolated, in order to avoid an epidemic. The system of diseases and medicine that is present in the game at the moment is quite meager and is not able to bring difficulties even at high difficulty.

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It`s a common complaint. The disease system was nerfed hard after it`s first incarnation way back in the beta for the vanilla game. Back then germs were lethal and letting slimelung into your base could collapse your colony easily. Then they made it more all or nothing where you either had a full on outbreak or no infections ever.

The current system does infections pretty nice as it`s possible to avoid them but hard to completely nullify. But it doesn`t let germs spread outside polluted oxygen (for slimelung) so even though infected dupes spread them through coughing it doesn`t really do anything.

To make it more of a hazard slimelung should spread in clean air much easier but on the flipside there should be a tool allowing us to clean the air and water in some reasonable way. Having a base filled with slimelung means there is almost nothing you can do but wait for it to die off while cleaning every last patch of pllouted oxygen. It`s not very interactive. There was also a quarantine system back in the day when dupes weren`t cured instantly. If disease spread is made easier we need this back too.

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Is a sugestion topic , lets see what´s happen ^^.

The principle is have sickness with multiple stages ( with the option to enable and disable in world creation - single stage or multiple stages , for example) ; In the single stage option still as working for now . In multiple stage start at the same way , but if you don´t care about the condition in a X time ( lets say in a cycle or 2 - need a event check list ) this evolve for a disease. Once the duplicant cure the disease , returns to normal stage ( is boring revert to sick again ).

Considerations :

  1. Notice the major of diseases don´t need be fatal , but have a severe penalty until properly treated.
  2. We could have a machine in medicine room using rads to treat sickness and improve duplicants health recovery ( like a ore scrubber for duplicants using rads instead chlorine ).

-Hypotermia* ( evolves to Frostbite ) : duplicants have a more severe penalty in actions and start takes damage by cold ( similar to scalding ) until become incapacitated. 

Treatment :a warm envoirment and hot liquids ( maybe a hot coffee or a hot tube therapy ?).

Fatal if not treated in time.

-Scalding* : looks ok how is working.

* Is interesting if the colony interactions helps duplicants regulate they body temperatures , like a hot shower if is too cold or a hot shower to freezing envoirments.

-Food poisoning ( evolves to severe dysentery ) : duplicants expend most of time on the bed and latrine .

Treatment : more decontaminated food and water , medicine and time.

Not fatal ( the idea is the duplicant have few time between actions before go to latrine again )

-Radiation sickness : looks ok how it works. Maybe a immunity penalty after efect due excessive rad exposition.

-Sunburn: hard to work , because the only way to avoid exposition. If we have a sunscreen lotion ( maybe a balm lym and some rocks or coal ) we could develop some difficulties arround it.

-Zombie spores ( evolves to catatony ) : duplicants get confused , and have less interactions and slow movement.

Treatment : serum vial and rest.

Fatal if not treated ( starvation or suffocation )

-Allergies : the overexposition to liquids and irritant gases could provide some sort of allergies . Regular duplicants could have some sneezeness if exposed to other germs in breathable gases , like slimelung , zombie spores or food poisoning even if not sick ; results in actions penalties and O2 consuption ratio.

Treatment : anti allergics , avoid exposition for a time.

Not fatal ( the idea is the player need take care about duplicants expositon, but at the start you probably need send a duplicant in a risky envoirment  without proper protection in early game ).

-Slimelung : Maybe the determinant factor is how long the duplicant still contaminated until the critical stage. ( lets say longer than 3-4 cycles ). Than you have more X cycles to heal the duplicant.

Treatment : avoid exposition , decontamination, medicine.

Fatal if not treated.


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