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[RESOLVED] Requesting help from Staff


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Hi there, sorry to hear about your friend. Could we get your friend to contact our support with the following information, and we can look into their issue promptly.

  • Their Klei User ID (KU ID) - your friend can check this by visiting https://accounts.klei.com/ and try logging in to their account. If it is currently in the deletion process, an error with the KU ID will be available. 

When contacting support the first time, they will receive a reply email. Please have your friend reply directly to the email to confirm they need assistance and we can look into their support request.

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Thank you for the reply my friend said that he has already performed all those actions and has been waiting for 6 hours now. 
i don't know how long the process takes but i hope it can be fixed soon.
Thank you for the reply. 

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