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I originally had a post I made about a rework for blow darts HERE. Theoretically, it seems like it would be as simple as making a duplicate of Walter's slingshot, configuring its stats (isn't character specific, damage and range changes, etc), and changing some sprites and animations.

As someone with almost no experience in modding Don't starve together, how would I go about doing this? What programs would I have to use to make my idea become reality?

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Well, the tools I use to mod are mainly:

  • FireAlpaca, for my drawings.
  • Notepad++, for coding.
  • Don't Stave Mod Tools, it allows you to manage your Workshop mods, such as uploading, updating, or even deleting your mods. It also comes with some nice tools for modding.
  • Spriter, it allows you to create animations for the game. It comes with Don't Starve Mod Tools.

I also recommend this guide, for getting started.

This guide teaches how to make a basic hand slot item, and also teaches a bit of how to use Spriter.

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