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Should the cartographic module reveal spacemap POIs from an adjacent tile as well as planetoids?

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Right now the cartographic module reveals planetoids from an adjacent tile in the spacemap and can reveal any tile by going directly into it, but it doesn't reveal space POIs from an adjacent tile. I think this should also be the case in order to make the decision of whether to actually go into a POI tile or not without having to go there first to reveal it. Also, if you move adjacent to a question mark in the spacemap and don't reveal anything you know neither of those question marks are a planetoid, but once you come back home you have to manually remember that information since nothing actually changed in the spacemap.

Besides, I think the cartographic module is not very good right now compared to just bulding a telescope inside the rocket's spacefarer module, and given how restrictive the cartographic module is (5 height), I think it should be better.


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I think rockets should be able to go to unexplored tiles without a ? on them and reveal the tile on hitting it to begin with (can nobody look out a damn window?) The Cartographic Module should just add to that revealing adjacent tiles over time like its description implies, full stop, not based on whether there's something in them.

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