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Video collection of bugs and stuff.

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I've been saving some videos after all these years playing. I wish I could have saved all my experiences but for some reason, this head of mine works in mysterious ways.

I'll place them inside spoiler boxes to avoid clutter.

Let start off with...




Yeah it sucks.


Rage v2.


One of those times a broken controller is the aftermath of a somewhat chill exploration.


Flickering Nightmare.

I believe this can only be achieved with Maxwell? I don't know, might be possible with a Tam. It was interesting.


Scared Sheetless.


Oh man I almost felt bad for that Bunny. His suffering was later dealt with, I swear.


Worse than insanity.


This gave me a ******* heart attack.


Gorgeous transition, and then...


I was just speaking of how the transition from dusk to full moon night was so gorgeous during winter. Then the sky fell or something.


Lucky findings.


Odds of finding two gems at 0.02% chance and a gear at 1% are extremely low but not impossible.


Don't Starve is 2D but 3D. WARNING. This might give you a headache.


Cool effect playing with marble trees.


And that's it!

You got any video of something interesting? I'd love to see it.

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